Lush - Temtem VFX Reel - Crystal Techniques

Hi there!

Welcome to this Temtem VFX Reel. Let’s see some of the Crystal Techniques!

Been working in this project for a while now. I’ve enjoyed every second of it.

Special thanks to the rest of the team for creating such an amazing videogame.

Every week I’ll be uploading a reel for each and every one of the existing Temtem Types.
Those are: Crystal, Digital, Earth, Electric, Fire, Melee, Mental, Nature, Neutral, Toxic, Water and Wind.

For the Crystal Type Techniques, I’ve been playing with different ways to convey the properties of those Crystals. They should feel mystical, magic. Some of the elements that worked out great are light shafts, sparkles and dust, amongst many others.

Temtem’s VFX are constantly changing and evolving as the development of the game keeps progressing towards its completion. Keep in mind that these are subject to change.

Feel free to share your thoughts and impressions as I’d love to hear them!

If you wish to know how something was made I’ll be happy to explain hehehehehe :sparkles:
Still, I won’t be able to explain each and every bit of them for obvious reasons.

Oh! By the way. I made myself an ArtStation profile. Check it out:

Temtem up!


Wow, great work !
Have you done all the combat VFX in TemTem ?

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amazing work Lush :slight_smile:


Thanks @Luos_83! Really appreciate those words :blush:

Glad you like it @Assimby!

I’ve done the ones I’m showing on the reels. I was the first VFX Artist Crema hired.

Later into the development, they hired a freelance artist to assure we would reach the Early Access deadline having done as many VFX as possible.

We did our best and managed to reach that deadline successfully! :sparkles:

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This is so good ! It really match the art style of the game, well done :smiley:

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Thank you @Borniol :sparkles:

Great to know I managed to match the artstyle, it was one of the main challenges I had to work my way through!

I’ve been playing TemTem on a few hours here and there. Loving all the VFX you guys are doing :smiley: I’m still in the noob zone but excited to see how these FX evolve as the game does!

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Add me as a friend and let’s play together! :new_moon_with_face:

Let me know your fav VFX and don’t hesitate to enlighten me with some feedback as I’m always revisiting every single one of them to assure they feel the way they should :blush:

Are there like guilds and stuff? Maybe we could have a realtimevfx one :smiley:

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Yes! There are the so called “clubs” but they are still in development. They will be available soon.

And yes I love the idea of creating a Real Time VFX club ingame, let’s do that! :zap:


awesome work, dude. have there been concepts to your vfx by an artist or have you made them all by yourself?

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Thanks @mr.pitz!

I create everything from scratch. The team gives me the name of the technique plus other data such as its elemental type (electric, water, fire…) and so on.

Then, I free my mind and I start sketching something out. Nowadays I just start concepting directly in Unity, but way back then I used to draw the main idea on a sketchbook first.

These are the sketches I made for Crystal Spikes and Glass Blade back then. They remained pretty much the same!

Diamond Fort ended up looking nothing like its concept. It’s fun to discover new ideas while creating!