Lush: Sketch #33


Time to use my secret weapon!

Pics to take:

  • Flames

  • Lightning

  • Blood

  • Guts

  • Sparks

  • Lens Flares

  • Fireworks

  • Dust

  • Debris

  • Rainbow



I’ll keep the environment simple for this one, I promise! hahaha

That’s the material we’re allowed to use for this sketch! It won’t get any more complex than this.

With the base stuff already blocked-in, it’s time to go out there and take some awesome photos!


Pretty happy with the results! I feel like I could do a bunch of iterations more but I’m gonna leave it as is for now.

Here are some of the vids I took!

Unused Milk Splashes:



The Sequencer is handling the animation:

I used the back of a DVD to get some cool rainbow textures!

Then, once in the engine, I used those to create rainbow lens flares. Same material but with Additive Blend:

Took some pictures of a glass ball I had around the house for no reason whatsoever:

I used those bubbles to create interesting shapes, sparks and such.

I made a fake fresnel effect using a hemisphere and a pic of a light bulb through a glass:

Then, I’m using Camera Position Facing Mode in the Mesh Renderer node:

Since both “characters” are just spheres the illusion works just fine hehehe

Had fun with this one too. I found myself looking for cool textures all over the place and I just laughed at that very fact. Stepping out of the confort zone as always.


Oh and by the way that cylindrical shape that looks like a panning texture over a mesh is just a flipbook of one of the flames that I recorded.

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Interesting approach! I like how you made the circular sprite with the cup, that’s a cool idea!

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Thanks! It was a bit dusty and that helped with the light sticking to the walls and not leaving the glass straight away hahahah

This is absolutely great, i love the workflow in this project and how this sketch has your personal brand.

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Thank you very much! Welcome to the forums! :gem:

OMG. As always you did a lot of work. Good result!

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I like your idea of recording milk splashes, even though you didn’t use them! I may have to try it!

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Love the idea of using real life photography to produce such textures and flipbooks. Never thought about it before and really want to give it a try now! Thanks and great job here (even if I’m a little late :wink:)

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Be sure to share the results here so I can take a look at those :new_moon_with_face:

I will make sure to share some of it when my schedule allows me to do so! :wink:
I’m not really confident with the resulting quality, simply because I don’t have access to such a high-quality camera you’re showing here but just a basic Lumix DMC-TZ55, and I’m pretty new to this kind of capture and with related camera parameters. :thinking:

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Oh don’t worry about the cam. Most of the pictures you see here were took with my phone! At the end of the day you just need interesting shapes and colors!

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