Ludvig Lindqvist 2018 showreel



A new year and a new Realtime VFX showreel featuring my work from 2018.

All content is rendered in 4k using the Unity High Definition Render Pipeline. Clips are from cinematic trailers and marketing material.

Enjoy and let me know what you think! :blush:


Love all of them… I think the last VFX (portal) looks amazing and I’m actually surprised you’ve been able to achieve this sort of quality in unity. Post some more stuff please!! :slight_smile:

Also… are those shots from any project? or your personal work?



It’s marketing material for the Trading card games Lightseekers and Warhammer:Age of Sigmar Champions.


Love your reel, this is stunning work !
Is it all realtime rendered , or is there some pre-rendered stuff in there ?


Thank you and I’m glad you like it!

There’s nothing pre-rendered in there, everything is from Unity. I can however be more liberal when it comes to performance when working on cinematics as it doesn’t involve any gameplay. Saving frames at 4k resolution is not realtime :slight_smile:


this is looking great!!


Woah, great showreel! :smiley: I love especially the lightning, fire and embers. Very nice capture.


Thanks! Working on cinematics in Unity is quite fun :slight_smile:


Outstanding work! Love the flames and heat on the hand armor


fantastic work mate!

How are you liking the HD pipeline? I’ve held off for stability concerns myself.


Thanks for the kind words!

From a VFX perspective and the relatively low complexity of the effects displayed in this video, I think it’s been fine. Just a few quirks here and there perhaps. Working with the Timeline together with Particles can also be a little weird sometimes but that’s not really a HDRP feature. However, I havn’t come across anything that has blocked me so far!
Capturing supersampled imagery out of Unity is not as straightforward as you’d imagine though. Especially with VFX that require oversampled simulations (trails and distance spawned emitters for example).


Hi @Ludvig. Great to see you continuosly grow in the field. Wish you best of luck in your new position !


wow… Awesome!
Nice work !!