Looking for VFX Artist to (re-)create game spells!

Hi there, everyone! Indie game project fella here~

As we’ve been able to steadily get ourselves acquired 3d artists, riggers, and animators on the team, we’ve been in the process of wanting to finally start looking for the VFX artist for our project!

A little bit about our project: We’re a small group of passionate individuals who, for the most part, share the same interest in bringing back a soul successor of a past game, called Pockie Ninja, which is why most of us consist of volunteering side-providers (Professional Computer Scientists, Audio Engineers, Cryptographers, Software Engineers, Artists, etc., who all provide whenever the time and availability is there), whereas we also have a few selectively hired fellas on board - including, possibly, you!

The VFX we want created depends on the versatility you have and want to provide with, which is why I am separating this into 2 segments:

  • Regular Skills/Spells
  • Secret Techniques

Regular Skills/Spells would be any FX shown or seen on the following battles, minus the movement/animation, etc. (of which we’d have the spritesheets and frames of for more precisely redoing them, if needed):

For the Secret Techniques, if possible, we’d want to (also) have you work on the VFX parts of 'em (it would, ofc, range on how much VFX there is to add there, but don’t hesitate to share your own thoughts on how you’d contribute to 'em):
https://www.youtube.com/user/OfuroTeNani/videos - just skim some of the videos and you’ll get the range of them.

As you might be able to tell with the Secret Techniques, they have less ‘VFX’ and more ‘2D animation’ drawn onto the whole move, which is why we’re more so adding emphasis on the 1st part rather than the 2nd part, as that would be an optional take-on as well.

To get right to it, for pay, we’d attempt our best to reach a compromise between anything ranging from 15$-35$/h. To note, we’re an indie project with little to no external investment, so please be considerate when applying, as this wouldn’t be considered a full time job, yet barely side income. But paid, definitely!

Interested in working with us? Contact the following account, hit Karam#1111 up on Discord, or E-mail scrappockieninja at gmail dot com - whatever you prefer!

Looking forward to working with y’all!

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