Looking for new or experience VFX artsits to help our hobby game

I had success finding someone here at the beginning of the year to work on our hobby project but they have run out of time and there are still a few jobs left before our demo game is complete. So i thought i would try my luck again! We are a smallish team of about 13 depending how you count it. We are making a short 20 minutes worth of gameplay for a story based epic fantasy with a middle eastern setting. Check out Pillars of Eternity or Baldurs Gate to get an idea.
I teach video games at college and used to work in the industry so although this is a hobby project we work to a high standard. We are all unpaid and doing this for fun or for portfolio building but we will give it a proper release and have a marketing person to help it on its way. If money is made you will be paid but this is statistically unlikely so don’t let that be your main motivation to avoid disappointment.
The game and site need more work before i should be letting people go there themselves but if you manage your expectations i will risk you taking a peek at where we are so far… sophiesgames.com/QuestIon/