Looking for fx/gfx-artist for real time visuals

Between commercial jobs I love working on experimental projects. The last two weeks we’ve been working with some friends on an interactive visualisation. We’re three developers and work together with a musician for this project. With this project we use a camera to detect motion and based on the detected motion we generate visuals. We haven’t focussed on the visuals much yet and we were thinking that there may be some people out here who would find it interesting to collaborate with us.

I have to be clear that this is not a “job”… I’m only sharing this because I like working with enthusiastic talented people with their own expertise and I’m sure some of you will like that too. So, if you’re interested let me know.

Here is a still from the visualiser.

Some technical background: We’re performing optical flow on the video input which is then shared with a visualiser application. This visualiser application uses OpenGL to render particles, ribbons, etc. Based on the detected movement we generate audio in real time.