Looking for freelance VFX/Technical Artists to connect

Hi guys,

I am currently looking for Freelance VFX Artists and Freelance Technical Artists. My goal is to connect, preferably via Discord, and possibly refer work to you. Last year I ran into the situation of needing to decline work, because I was too busy. In order to prepare for this year (I usually get the most work around summer) I would like to connect with more freelance artists.

My main reason is because I want to refer to other artists in these kind of situations so I am still able to help my (not) client reach their goals in their projects. The other reason is that I would just like to get to know other people who are in the same boat as me and have a chat from time to time.

I personally have never worked in a studio before and went the freelancer route right away and it can get very overwhelming and sometimes even lonely to be honest. Luckily I got to know an other freelance artist (3D Generalist) and we do chat from time to time - usually work related. I found it very helpful and thought that I should try to connect more, because I am sure there’s a ton of really cool people out there.

For the referrals I would not ask for any cut or other kind of compensation.

If you feel like this is something you are interested in then let me know and add me on Discord: BunjesFX#6257.



I kinda went the same route as you (iknowthemfeelshug), and where possible forward the odd jobs here and there to fellow vfx buddies. (though many are occupied atm)
Im often around on discord and so are many others the realtimevfx discord channel.
You should join :slight_smile:


This is the whole reason we set up the @Freelancer role on the discord server. Anyone can add or remove themselves from that role as their availability changes. So if you ping it, you should ideally ping all the available freelancers. It’s also an easy way to find them if you want to chat.