Looking for feedback / Charged Laser VFX (Shuriken)

Hi, I’m looking for feedback, it’s my first time doing my own design on a vfx. Am I doing it right ? what should I improve before doing the burn mark on the wall ?


I like the anticipation/build up at the beginning, could we have a small shockwave/distortion blast as it begins to emit the laser with maybe some supporting sparks from the lasers origin to help the impact feel stronger? Same with the initial wall contact perhaps make the sparks wilder? - all opinion based though so take what you wish :slight_smile: nice start!

Thanks for the feedback, I’m not sure I understand what you mean by small shockwave/distortion at the beginning. Could you link me an image so I can understand please ?

Hi Rythmico !

the laser part seems to be the best part, the impact and build up need some work in my opinion,
i would suggest you to look up to some reference (like this one : https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=10&v=nRKcKp0ZUx4) it’s always easier to copy than create when you begin to learn something (but don’t just copy be creative and take only what you like!).

I think the first 3 circles need some timing work, to make it less linear you can make use of curves (in the “size over lifetime module”) and make it so that the circle are never static even if it means moving just a little, also they collapse way too fast, (you can find timing information here : https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/VFX_Styleguide_final_public_hidpjqwx7lqyx0pjj3ss.pdf)

The impact on the wall is a bit off when compared to the other elements in your effect, the glow balls should be affected by gravity and should move very fast and slow down (you will find a gravity variable at the top of shuriken UI, and you will find a module called “limit speed over lifetime” play with these variables, like “dampen” and “speed”, and don’t forget to increase the initial speed by, a lot !)


Thanks for all the feedback and information ! I’ll look into it and post my progress here.

Oh and by any means, do you know another solution than line renderer to make a laser that goes from a point to another with raycast ? Because I find it pretty limiting.

You can, and i suggest you to, use a mix between mesh and line renderer for the laser part, just scale the Z mesh by calculating the distance from the caster to the raycast destination and there you go.

Line renderer and billboard are cool but they feels very flat don’t be afraid to mix them with meshes.

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