Locked vs Free Camera Preference?

Anyone here have a preference of working with a locked or limited camera, as in a collectible card game (CCG), or with a more open-ended camera, like an FPS?

As for me, I always enjoy a good challenge, but gotta say removing potential angles of camera view does allow me to focus a lot more on making the darn thing pretty!

Our latest featured job post is for a work-from-anywhere opportunity, revamping the effects style for World of Myths, a nice-looking CCG with some punchy style.

Here’s the post:



I do prefer free cameras since they’ll allow me to envision the whole VFX from every angle possible!

But hey, it’s also fun to create “one-dimensional” image trickery, I do miss it from time to time. :new_moon_with_face:

I like locked camera because you can get tricky and make textures/flipbooks and tailored meshes to fit the camera angle, and you know everything will only ever be seen at the same distance, so LODs are a bit easier.

I like free cam because that usually lets the player get closer to the effects, and small bits and details have much more fidelity. You can really push the subtle aspects of an effect in that instance, where fixed camera everything almost needs to be bigger and bolder to be readable

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I’d love to work on a fixed camera game now… Every game I’ve done vfx for has had a replay system so the player can watch everything in slow motion and rotate the camera around to see every little detail… and cheat :sweat:

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