Limeslushie: Sketch #42 Weapon Swipe

Latest Update:

Hey guys, decided to give this sketch a shot. My plan is to have a simple stepped anim and put most of the time making swipe meshes and dissolve textures. Then add it to Unreal or Unity (to be decided)

Started with making a quick sword with an animation

Created a mesh along a curve

Then planning to do some shader that dissolves the texture, in a similar way that photoshop threshold does it:

That’s all for now, next step is to create the remaining meshes, and do some texturing :smile:

Thanks for watching!


Gogo! I want to see more!

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Update! Two new meshes + started another texture.

One mesh remaining then I will import everything into an engine and start setting it up.


nice! Would love to see how you write a shader that dissolves the texture in Unreal Engine!

Hey guys, managed to get some progress down. :dash:

Added the assets to Unreal.
timed the trails to be visible at correct frames, animated the dissolve parameter.

material base:

Next up is creating the textures. I added parameters for UV offset, which I am planning to use for changing frames.



Added inbetweens, and worked on the textures overall.

Won’t have much more time unfortunately, vacation is soon :boom:


Oh boy, this is looking so sweet!
thx for sharing this technique, I might give it a sot!
keep at it :muscle:

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thanks a lot! :smile: