Let's shield (hexagonal type)

Hello, i made a shield on unity, shader graph, and i made the asset on 3ds max, alpha on photoshop :slight_smile:
Hope you like it ! Critics are welcome ! (I’m student and now on fx). (The little character is a free asset on Unity).
If some people want i can add the process.



Very beautiful work! Love how dynamic it is. :slight_smile:
Did you animate hexagon movement in 3ds, or in unity? (not very familiar with unity)


Thanks a lot ! It’s only with shadergraph, the hexagon are just detach in 3ds max :slight_smile: (It’s a noise and vertex offset for the movement of the hexagon !).


This is amazing! How long did the process take?

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Thanks a lot ! MMh i don’t know :confused: i did some test before, maybe 10hour i think maybe more :slight_smile:

I have a question tho, how do you keep the surfaces flat? If put noise on my own mesh will distort the planes because of triangulation.

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Thanks !
I made hexagonal on 3dsmax, and all vertex are break, so, when a hexagonal move, others don’t follow (if i understand correctly your question ^^’)