Lethal League Blaze 2D FX



Hi everyone, it’s me SmearKees back with some juicy handdrawn effects :smiley:

Recently the game Lethal League Blaze got released. My first shipped game that contains some of my 2D effects!!!

All the effects in the game are 2D handdrawn, I like to share some of the FX I made for the game and the design process for certain 2D gameplay effects. I had some great supervising from the Team Reptile team with there amazing and unique style knowledge.

Enjoy and if you’ve some questions feel free to ask as I’ll update work in the future :slight_smile:

Checkout the trailer too see where the game is about! :


Final Pass for the Super Effect:

Dice his super ability was a lot of fun to work on. During the concepting phase I had to keep in mind that Dice was already in the game Lethal League so there were a few guidelines that I had to keep in mind.

Some of the guidelines:

  • Dice can curve the ball in different directions
  • Do not deviate too much from the original design
  • The effect needs to lean to japanese style of effects instead of the fluid magical fx


Nice, did you draw these in Adobe animate, TVPaint, Toon Boom, Moho…?


Adobe Animate is my go to program with a bit of tweaking for certain effects in Photoshop :slight_smile:


Very cool FXs, I like how expressive they are despite the low amount of frames and color variations :open_mouth:

Since the models are now 3D, did you guys consider going with particle effects instead of traditional animation for this game ? :thinking:


Thanks Assimbly :).

Well the team was very specific about the style that they wanted for the game, as you can see the game has alot of japanese influance and with the 2D fx style I had to set up a style for the game that leans more to traditional japanese effects. We used particle systems but that’s only for certain eclipse effects for in the background.


Grid is one of the new characters in Lethal League Blaze and one of my favorites to play with. The way we tackled Grid his super went pretty fast and we knew what we wanted after a few concepts. Grid is all about the electricity and everybody knows electricity is cool!

Some of the guidelines:

  • Grid can only teleport horizontal and vertical
  • Give the player/opponent visual feedback where Grid will teleport to
  • Mewto as reference for the concepts

We love super smash bros and my supervisor adviced me to take a look at Mewto. We took the teleport effect from mewto for some further concepts and then we came up with the final pass for Grid his effect. The special thing about the teleport effect is that at entry of activation a little star stays on the place you teleport from, this is great for gameplay feedback.


Final pass for the super effect:

I’m back with a new character super and today I introduce you to the super fx from Sonata. Sonata was already in Lethal League so I had to keep the original design in mind during te concepting phase.
With the new super fx we wanted to visualize a “sound beat” that slams the ball in de direction the player is aiming.

Some of the guidelines:

  • Don’t deviate too much from the original design
  • Visualize it in a way that the “sound beats” slam the ball
  • Not a lot of color

Final Concept pass showing how the beat gets through:


Love the effects from the game! Thanks for sharing your guidelines and concepts.
I’ve been playing it with friends and it is a whole lot of fun.


Great to hear!, bunch of fun to play with 4 players but so hard to sometimes see the ball haha !

If I find the time I’ll share more in the future as I also did a lot of the gameplay effects, so think off the dusts fx etc.
Stay tuned :slight_smile: