Leroy van Vliet - VFX Sketchbook

Hi everyone!

After some time lurking the forums I’m excited to finally be joining the community here!

I dipped my toes into the realtime VFX world in november of last year and got instantly hooked. The combination of art and technical topics is just super engaging. My goal with this sketchbook is to keep track of my learning journey, share breakdowns and techniques if they’re useful, and take in any feedback anyone might have.

For the last 4 weeks I’ve also been taking part in a course led by the amazing and super helpful @Madosho and @NotSoLittleChris over at VFXApprentice. It’s been a lot of fun being challenged in new and interesting ways.

So, to start this sketchbook off here’s a spell sequence I did last week, and for fun I figured I’d include the block-in as well. It’s still pretty rough around the edges and I would like to revisit it sometime, but as it stands it was a fun learning experience.

The block in:

Thanks for taking a look!




You started in November and already made effect like THIS!?
It’s so insanely impressive! I wouldn’t be ashamed to have it in my portfolio after 5 years in VFX :smiley:
Wondeful job! And can’t wait to see what else you create!


Love this. In particular, I love your use of black and dark colors.

Are you doing anything in your shaders to get that level of contrast or is that coming naturally with the way your masks are overlaid?

Thanks for the kind words Manus, goldylox!

Re the contrast: with the dark values in Unity I tend to have a hard time getting darks to not be too transparent, so I add a little multiplier property to the alpha to boost it when needed, that’s all really!

Here’s a little effect I did while taking a break from another effect that’s been having me stumped. Just something a bit simple and small in scope for fun :grinning:

Thanks for stopping by!


Love it. The small white particles really add a lot and you’re able to squeeze multiple distinct moments into the effect without it feeling busy or chaotic.

If you ever feel like posting a breakdown, I’d love to read it!

Thank you!! I’d be happy to do a breakdown sometime! Let me know if there’s anything in particular you’d be interested in seeing!

Here’s a little slashy effect, I was going for a bit of a airy / windy theme here

Thanks for stoppin by!


I’d love to see the different elements that went into the galaxy animation if you have time to write it up!