Learning Particle Effects - All Critique/Advice Welcome!

Hi all,

So I joined this community to learn about making particles, and as an absolute beginner I have already learned a bunch with the kind help of people here (thanks for all your posts/advice and patience so far!).

I thought it would be good to start a thread that I can revisit and add to as I learn and create more, with the hope of picking up advice and tips as I go… I won’t get better unless people tell me what rocks and what sucks right?

I am jumping back and forth between Unity and Unreal at the moment as I am trying to learn as much as possible in both engines, whilst also picking up photoshop and 3DS max as much as I can…

So here it goes… Unity 3d - Basic Swirl/Burst spell effect attempt… no meshes or anything, just basic particle behaviour used… let me know what you think and how you think I can improve it :slight_smile:


Today I wanted to learn how to create a particle for an animation, then attach it and time it using events in Unity.

This is what I came up with, let me know what you think… as always, any advice/critique very welcome!


Nice effort man, Kinda Hadouken :smiley:

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Thanks Atif :slight_smile: funnily enough I was thinking of doing a projectile Hadouken type thing, but the animation lasted longer so just went with this instead

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So I played Torchlight 2 again this weekend which I haven’t played in aaaaages… loads of particles going off all the time, which inspired me to make a stylised tornado type thing… (Unity)

I haven’t sorted out how it spawns or linked it up to an animation yet but thought I’d post the progress anyway :slight_smile:

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I haven’t uploaded anything in a while because I got very lucky and the company I work for has been letting me learn/practice particle effects on the job. However that means anything I make I can’t share… so here is one I did at home today, let me know what you think :slight_smile: (criticism welcome as always!)


Sick particle! I love the end result ‘DoT’ burst that lingers. The smaller bits are a really nice touch. If I can critique anything I would love to see the orb grow in size over its life from the initial release for a nice punch. Additionally, have you thought about a secondary color to mix in? Maybe the initial spell release is a different color, then impacts to purple for an even stronger impact release.

I’m new to the VFX scene so I hope my crit helps. I’m sincerely excited to see your next post. This stuff is awesome :smiley: Good luck on your work!

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Hey Trevor,

Thanks for the kind words and feedback, glad you like it! Love the idea of the orb growing in size… tbh I am annoyed I didn’t just think of that initially haha, I will make that tweak when I get home.

As for colour I am not sure how to approach this. I have pink in my gradient but you are right, purple is far too dominant. I can play about with things but I don’t want to make anything clash, any specific suggestions of colours you think might work are more than welcome :slight_smile:

I also checked out your work. I like your trail concepts, do you have any info on how you make them in engine? in unity I am just using spawners that leave particles behind (as you can see from this effects) as well as the trail renderer modules, but they are quite simplistic. I’d love to learn how to create more stylised ones like the ones you have created.

Thanks fella!

Just a little particle I am playing about with… nothing special or complicated, just wanted something pretty :slight_smile: (P.S my recording software sucks it seems… sorry if the recording is stuttery)

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Really nice stuff Kris. The purple hadouken is my favorite! Unity and Unreal? keep at it =]

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Thanks man! I am always going, always learning :slight_smile:

A spell effect WIP using some bits and pieces I picked up from some of you fine peoples.