League of legend Study

Hi there.

First thing, as i’m a new member here : i’m glad to be part of this community, i’m a french student in game art, and i’m new in vfx. My school doesn’t have fx class so i have to learn by myself, and that’s why i’m glad to show my first “showable” vfx ! i really watch a lot of time Jason Keyser’s “behind the scene” in order to recreate this effect in unity.

I already post it on discord and someone reeeally help me and i’m really grateful, i will make some change as soon as possible to update it, but i’m trying to get more feedback to reeeally upgrade it.



Welcome to the community! This is cool, defenitely coming along! I think the timing is defenitely close to the original effect, feeling good! Biggest thing that catches my eye is the hard edging on the beam itself. If you can make it really feel like light, and fade that out, as well as maybe a bit more value, and richer hue range, it will sell the effect really well! Looking forward to seeing more!

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Hi NateLane thanks for your tips !
First thing, first for your comment, its really motivating ! i updated with your tips and some tips on the discord rtvfx
Hope you’ll like it ! :smile: