Launch Competition Update! Prizes & Current Leaders!

It’s time to announce the prizes for our launch competition!

Remember, the focus of this competition is to add useful resources and discussions to our great community:

The 5 Topics with the most likes (to the original post), posted between 12:01 am (Pst) September 10th and October 4th will be rewarded with riches, fame, and your very own shiny, extremely rare, Competition Winners Badge!

1st Place: $150 in Steam Credit
2nd Place: $100 in Steam Credit
3rd Place: $75 in Steam Credit
4th Place: $50 in Steam Credit
5th Place: $25 in Steam Credit

*Steam Wallet credit vouchers will be emailed to the registered email account within one week of the competition closing.
**We’re still looking for industry partners to help sponsor awesome prizes to this, and all of our future competitions.

:jack_o_lantern: October is coming fast, and with it comes a variety of updates to this site, and some awesome VFX Art Challenges that @PetrieTheWild has been brewing up . More on all of that in the coming days…

For now, let’s take a look at the current leaders of this competition (as of 9/27):

@Snowy - 30 likes

@undertone - 16 likes

@Bruno - 15 likes

@smgrissom - 12 Likes

@Sai - 7 likes

It wouldn’t take much to topple these top 5, so go post some cool topics and don’t forget to spread some love with those :heart:s


Also, if collecting shiny new badges is your thing, here’s a preview of the contest winners’ badge: