Last Day - Don't Forget to Email Your Submission!

We’ve had some amazing submissions over the past several weeks, but unfortunately, this party has to come to an end. Please have your submissions emailed to by 11:59pm of May 31st (pst)

If you’re struggling for motivation during this final push - keep in mind the amazing prizes that our sponsors have lined up for us!

Or for inspiration, browse through the 25+ @#$%ing awesome submissions from the community so far!

Many, many thanks to PopcornFX for hosting this, and to @Keyserito and @NateLane for their help keeping me sane. On the other side of this competition, we’ve got some big improvements slated for the site that many of you have been asking for, including a brand new VFX Sketch to get those creative juices pumping.


The final stretch! Good luck to everyone! :wink:


Thank you Keith and thank you RTVFX to host our VFX contest! And thank you all VFX community for great submissions and involvment! Stay tuned! Go, go, go, you have a couple of hours left and still receiving projects!! Best to all of you guys! Green eyes from PopcornFX :wink:


It was a lot of fun! Best of luck to everyone, especially those who are using the final hours finishing their entry! :slight_smile:


Best of luck to you too :smiley:

And good luck to the judges who are going to have to decide which one is the best. I know I’d have a hard time choosing :wink:

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This was amazing initiative by RtVFX. Thank you all and best of luck :slight_smile:

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