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Hello everyone,
After two years looking at your wonderful work I finally jump into it.
So my name is Christine Fioroni, a belgian vfx artist living in Québec city. I decided to become a vfx artist two years ago. Because I love shiny stuff, particles and sparkles.

I’m gonna post some vfx I’m currently woking on. I want feedback, critics etc to improve myself and begin a senpai like a lot of people here hahaha.

So my latest vfx I work on is a heal vfx. Yeah I could totaly join the challenge but I don’t have the balls.
What do you think?

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Cosmos Attack

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Nice work !
but the animation is not right
i have a video how can i give to you?

Thanks ! I’m very curious about the animation :slight_smile: can’t you send it here? If not PM me, I’l love to see and improve myself :smiley:

Here’s the update of my heal effect.

I changed the character and hide the background, then modify some timing in the shader animation, and made some other modification.

And this one is a bit different, I like both version so I keep both of them

And if you want to see both in the same video

As always don’t hesistate to give me feedback :slight_smile:
So what do you think of the new effects?

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Strong start to the heal!

Just a few notes on the effect. Of course you don’t have to listen to any of these, most are just opinion. It’s your piece so at the end of the day, it is ultimately your call. Here we go!

  • I get that you are fading from green to red to blend the colors together more, but it currently makes it feel more like a debuff a bit. Maybe don’t go fully into red with the color fade if you are adamant on having the heart on top.
  • The heart’s explosion is very loud and sharp. It makes the effect feel less like a heal and more like the player was just hit by an attack. Heals are usually softers and more pleasant feeling. Less oomph.
  • The scan line up the character (in Heal2) feels disconnected from the rest of the effect. Maybe have it come in a little sooner (I guess basically keep it where Heal1 is)?
  • The scan line up the character also feels a bit sharp. I would spread the gradient of it out a bit more and make it a bit softer.
  • All of your colors and values are pure white. My eyes get pulled everywhere. Not everything needs to be super glowy and have crazy hot spots on them. Try toning down parts of the effect and having the focal points be the brightest and hottest spots.
  • I think currently the effect needs a bit more too it. Maybe have some form of background shapes to it? Like some soft clouds or a soft mesh that wraps around the character or something along those lines.
  • The effect animation feels a bit linear. Play with the curves a bit more to have some ease in and ease out and all of that fun animation stuff!

Keep it up! Looking forward to the next pass! :slight_smile:


Hi, I like transition between green and red. But I don’t like color combination at this moment

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Ho waw thanks for your comment, I didn’t see your message before but I changed a lot of what you said. But i don’t change the intensity of the colors, it’s really difficult to do, do you have advice on this?
What do you say about the new one?

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Thanks ! Yeah I changed the color because it was too much, what do you think of the new effect? :slight_smile:

Now all is fine with colors. Nevertheless, you can make a color transition from this moment:

I don’t have any red color, if a make a transition from green to red it will be off no?

I mean this

Ho ok I see :slight_smile: , but everything is in yellow and green so add some orange won’t make it weird?

You understood me wrong. When I wrote about color changes, I did not mean just color changes, but a smooth transition. But in 2 gifs you changed colors. The second time I also wrote about 1 gif.

I am so sorry… Sometimes I have difficulties to understand people. You are talking about the color transition for the new update wich is yellow and green or the old one who were with red? Because I tought you were talking about the new one. Sorry again >.<’

I talk about this one

Ok I see :smiley: it’s the old one. Sorry for the confusion, when I will melt those colors in another vfx I will remind me our conversation, thanks a lot for your advices :slight_smile:

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Definitely going in the right direction!

One quick additional note, I would try on positive effects to avoid having downward motion. Most of the time, heals and buffs have upward motion to them to feel positive and like energy is being gained, etc. So on the small burst from the heart, I wouldn’t have any of the particles coming down. Right now they also feel a bit like a firework which I would try and avoid.

Maybe try this, have the particles spawn outward with some velocity and have an acceleration upwards. Also have the particles rotating around a bit on an Orbit, and then slow the Orbit down over time so it has a nice motion to it. That might look cool. It also might not. Who knows! :smiley:

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Thanks ! I’ll try it asap :smiley: if I don’t try I won’t know. I’ll let you know when i’m done.

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Looking forward to seeing the next pass!

Also to answer your intensity question, what are your emissive and color values set to? Also what do your textures look like?

My intensity are from 5 to 100 depends on the effect. About my textures, I’ll show you when I’ll open the project, it’s some circle, ring and dots. I used to make really shiny stuff, so shiny we are almost blind so I’m trying to be more reasonable but it’s difficult.