Kassyndra's magical calm sketchbook

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Hi everyone! I have posted exactly once on here before got swept up on works and stuffs. This year however I got some time to myself and decided to improve myself as a VFX artist!

I take a lot of inspiration from League of Legends’ style of VFX, especially their simplified shapes and vivid colors. Because of LoL’s fantastical influence on me I tend to prefer working on VFX of fantasy magic. Also because of LoL I am a bit obsessed with visual clarity, and I would say my main goal for each VFX is that the player has to at least know what kind of spell it is. There is a long road ahead and hopefully I can branch out in other kind of VFX as well.

Here are some of my earlier works:


Midsummer’s Daydream


My First Reel (that I should curate more)


And here are my current WIPs, from latest to oldest. All feedback and criticism are welcomed!

Snow Day Syndra - Extra Snowy

Gentle Blade

Previous Versions



Mr. Grey Sky

OG Thread

Kassyndra: Sketch #41


Literally Freezing Field

Previous Versions



JRPG Rejuvenation

Previous Versions



Moderately Powerful Fireball

Previous Versions



(…and more to come!)

It is nice meeting you guys (again), and hopefully I can contribute more to this post and the community in the future. See you soon!!

May 10th, 2021: Apparently I forgot to post my ArtStation for these past months?


Looking cool! Thanks for sharing and welcome back :smiley:

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These are really cool! I feel inspired looking at your work :relaxed:

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@NateLane Thank you! I’ll try to be more active from now on
@yoli Let us all inspire each other <3

So the most recent VFXs are done under the mentorship of @hadidjah , and I must say I have improved quite a lot! (knowing what popcorning is and why I should avoid it, for instance). It was so fun trying to do variety of effects! And I have acquired a knowledge that fire is very hard to tame

Now, onto the update:

Moderately Powerful Fireball

Apart from small color change and added glow… nothing really changes much? But it was the one that take the longest to get into a decent shape so…

JRPG Rejuvenation

I feel a bit adventurous and want to experiment a bit. The butterflies now leave something like fairy dust rather than simple glitters. The trail of fairy dust also has a bit of airy movement to it. To tie everything together, there was a faint cloud at the end of the buff. Also the ring is smaller to make it more obvious that this is single-target.

Literally Freezing Field

I switched the computer-generated texture for hand-drawn one. Also clean up the end and add sparkles to the ice block. Oh! And the frozen ground dissolves now, rather than just fade away.

What do you think? All feedbacks and criticisms are welcomed.


My latest WIP!

Slashes are kinda hard to do timing-wise, and for added insanity I decided that hey! I should put as many sword attack motion in one set as I can! Cue having allocate a week to do a custom animation and cry.

What do you guys think? I have not done the ‘hit’ VFX yet but I want to show the current timing and weight and stuff.

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It’s been 64 years! Was busy with my personal obligations but here we are

Update on the slashes. Now with hit VFX! This is getting very fun to make.


Participated in #Events:42-lightning (it is 42?) Was very fun! I decided to put it here to for safekeeping

! think I have enough for a little reel now! After finishing my personal works I’m gonna gather one!


All these VFX are awesome omg, but the last one (Mr Grey Sky) is definitely my favourite hahaha. Love the idea as well as how powerful that last intense burst of electricity looks >:Ô !!!

@Zellk Thank you so much! Poor Mr. Grey Sky is so shy that he spontaneously detonates when people remain near him too long. His lightning deals a lot of damage though :smile:

Anyway, I finally finished THE project I’ve spent like, a month or two on.

Gentle Blade


What does it do?

Basically if you land all five attacks on the same enemy, they instantly die. Seems to be fairly impractical though because the delay is long on 4th and 5th attacks.

My rambling

During the early period of this project, my sister is taking a Chinese calligraphy class. I find it beautiful and want to incorporate elements of calligraphy and ink into the piece. I found the Chinese character yāo, which means young, gentle, or early death. What an eerie character with such meanings! And it fits my vision for the project perfectly.

I consider it a harder project. It tested my abilities of timing, animation, conveying movement, texture painting and many more! Once it all comes together I’m very proud of it though :hugs: I love theatrical things, and it shows.

//I find it mildly amusing that I finish my sword combo VFX… coincidentally on the same month as #Events:42-weapon-swipe (not sure if I will participate because I want to space out similar projects).


I’ve been busy. Because I got a job now.
It’s been like what, 5 months? A lot had happened.

Anyway, here is another of my personal project. The biggest yet!

Snow Day Syndra just got snowier! Just in time for the upcoming winter!

I hope you guys like it. I’ll update the thumbnail later.

PS. I think I might do VFx for Huevember this year, but nothing is certain so let’s see!