Kassyndra: Sketch #41




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There were summer storms here recently, and I set my eye on making lightning VFX sometime, so I figured “Hey, why not now?”

Meet Mr. Grey Sky. He is very lonely. Get too close to him and he will get very excited that someone wants to be his friend

Lightning is such an intense element, so I want to do something a bit more whimsical to counteract that. I also want to explore the idea of creating like a stage hazard, but cute.

Inspired by Kirby’s Kracko, and PoE’s Lightning Tendrils.




Cool concept! It looks like it could be a The Binding Of Isaac enemy! Heheheheh :blush:

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Thank you! Unfortunately I have only seen the game and not played because I am very, very bad at bullet hell :sweat_smile:

MrGreySky_anger MrGreySky_calm

So here are the current progress! I’ve created all the basic structure I need and now I’ll marry the two part together. The lightning is created by emitting a particle with noise in its movement with high strength and position modifier (thank you for a tutorial I saw a very long time ago and cannot find it anymore, but it is essentially the same as this one).

I’ll come back soon!


Looking good! Be sure to record and post a video for the final version so we can see the full HD and avoid color banding artifacts in the gifs :blush:

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Update No. 02! Now that two parts are linked together Mr. Grey Sky does look like a proper stage hazard now! I still need to work on the ending part but all is coming together nicely :smile:

Edit: Upload a new video because the old one’s quality was atrocious.


Looking so COOL :smiley:

Hiya! Mr. Grey Sky is done and ready to obstruct your journey through the dungeon!


What changed?
• The delay before lightning storm is reduced so the warning looks more snappy now, befitting his mood.
• Hit VFX because the DPS!
• Storm cloud to accompany the lightning storm. Oooooooh.
• Mr. Grey Sky now moves downward menacingly!
• If you stayed underneath Mr. Blue Sky despite the lightning storm, he will prepare a powerful thunder beam to fire at you! Last chance to run!
• Unfortunately the thunder beam is so intense that it makes Mr. Grey Sky dissipate. But it stuns you for a long time so watch out!

This has been a very fun project honestly. Hope you guys like Mr. Grey Sky! (albeit from appropriate distance!)

Edit: Video is now up!