Karsten Steinhorst : Sketch #63 "Knock-Back"

Yo, my name is Kars.
I’ve been trying to learn Unity VFX and overall technical art, so I decided to make my first submission for the monthly sketch to get more practice. Here’s the final piece


I wanted a loose MOBA style knockback. I focused a lot on timing and shape. If given more time I would've tinkered with my colors/values more. Many of my references were to AOE Burst spells from league, like Warwick E, Vladimir E, Karthus Q, etc.

a glimpse insight into my PureRef

Honestly I had a small problem wrapping the effect up, because as I learn new techniques I just want to try them out immediately, as a result I just wanted to keep adding more and more layers. This is only my 2nd finished effect, but I feel like I learned a lot. I’ll try to have a detailed breakdown on ArtStation to share my process. I’m still relatively new to VFX so any feedback and critique is welcomed :slight_smile:

old WIP that I shared on my Twitter



Here is my follow up ArtStation post-


show’s a few of the textures I made and goes into a little bit more detail, I really want to practice more and share my learnings, so I will likely start a sketchbook here in the near future.