Kaisteile: Sketch #45

Hey everyone! I’m finally getting back into VFX, I had a rough couple of months but I’m back in business!

For this challenge I am trying to recreate Ozmas cube form shift from FFXIV.
My references for this are the following:
https://youtu.be/YBCYyfDjCmY?t=44 to https://youtu.be/YBCYyfDjCmY?t=45 and
https://youtu.be/GIM-Zo2xsNw?t=41 to https://youtu.be/GIM-Zo2xsNw?t=46

Thus far I have created THIS!

I’m liking this so far and it’s a very fun challenge!

Things I need to fix:

  1. The rotation looks goofy on the squares, I need to figure out how to control them better and have them line up better as the cubes don’t sit flush currently and it bothers me.
  2. the rotation also starts at the wrong locations, if you watch the reference videos you can see there is a minor rotation of each new cube from the last one, as if it’s laying out from the previous one
  3. the timing is too slow.
  4. the center cube disappears for some reason???
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Been pretty busy in life still but I made some more progress on this. I have three different cubes it cycles through to get the rotation to look right. I have a lot to fix still but I’m happy with how this is coming.

Things to fix:

  • Be able to move cube to desired location as when putting into the world it goes to a location where I cannot move it.
  • Rotate the system with each individual rotation as the cube is supposed to spin around as the rotations happen
  • add some addition particles to make it look a bit better
  • change the material to have a city in it to be similar to how Ozma looks in game
  • fix the timing on a few things

Other than that I think everything is looking good so far! I’m happy with this work and I’m hoping I can finish it before the end of the month.

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