Just started!


So I discover a passion toward vfx in video games, playing around in cascade and niagara! I would love some tips to be a better vfx artist! Where to start with which programs etc… Any tutorial to create my own smoke texture in photoshop, blood texture… Thanks in advance!

Hi and Welcome!

This is not to be a jerk about it but my biggest tip/advice about being a better vfx artist is to learn how to use google (or similar search engine) and to also get really good at it! It’s really a skill of its own. Being a vfx artist means troubleshooting a lot of your own work or even doing a lot r&d on your own on new pipelines, softwares, or ways to get what you want done.


I would also encourage you to start your own thread on here on the forums and post stuff frequently to get feedback and critique.

As for tutorials out there. I would just pick one and go with it. There are so many out there now and there’s no right way to achieve an effect.


Alright!! Thanks :slight_smile:

Being also very new with vfx, so Internet-high-five! :smiley: Do many tutorials and when you know some basic stuffs, then start to make your own particle effects.

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