Josef Čermák: Sketch #23

Howdy! Excited to join this event and share my process! :ok_hand: :+1:

When I hear cute few things come to my mind: colorful, round, big vs small contrast and stylized so I’m going for these three things combined to achieve a cute magical elemental effect.

Let’s not spoonfeed any emotions

I’m unable to finish this because of finals, The last WIP is my final version.



Ok so I have come up with a better idea. It’s going to be a summoning spell with a cute surprise at the end. I let all the elements play at once for the gifs, the final summoning spell effect will have several timed stages. Too bad I lost my concept art file :confused: You guys let me know what you think so far :smiley:
WIP02a WIP02b

WIP 1 (Im not feeling it tbh)

I’m inspired by this little fella and his friends from the game Lineage 2.:sparkles::tada: He’s the first thing that came to my mind when i read “cute” and “magic” but I’d only like to get inspired by the vibe I get when I look at him = the effect I’m creating won’t be related to this character. :baguette_bread:

First idea I’ll stick to for now (I’ll see If anything completely different comes to mind):


I think the water looks a bit to static moving in and on the top after moving in. Maybe make it bounce a bit and use an ease while moving in? I think if you add some small clouds or particles on top of the fountain you can hide its static-ness :stuck_out_tongue: . The clouds look cool :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback I very much appreciate it!

Since my last update I got a supperior idea so I may or may not even finish the “star geysers”. Looking at it now honestly I’m not even sure what that fx was supposed to be in terms of it’s purpose.

And due to either my lack of knowledge or choosing an inappropriate goal - getting those stars spawning at the tips of the random streams of water would be pain to do in Cascade :smiley: . So I’m learning very fast by even just trying to go for that. (I’m still quite new.)

Once I actually settle on an idea I’ll update you guys later with all the other ideas I went through and what I decided to actually push forward with :+1:

Update 3

I’ve timed it correctly, added some minor elements. Looks good to me, please let me know what you think.
I’ll be adding more elements to the eruption point, and creating assets for the last stage of this summoning effect. :slight_smile:
I’ve also added this as a “WIP3” to the first post.

I’m not really inspired by anything specific anymore, I hope it will be cute enough for this challenge in the end.
If you want to see any assets I’ve created for this or how I’ve done it I’m happy to share but it’s mostly basic stuff.


Update 4

So I’ve finished the effect to some extend but I think it’s gonna need some more polishing.
Is it cute enough for this challenge? - I think it might be, my goal was to try to follow the theme without using anything that would be too cliché.

The only refference I used was a real life carrot :slight_smile:
I used Blender, Substance Painter and Photoshop to model and paint the carrot.
Here’s a vid:

I’ve put a screenshot in the main post as WIP4

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I think a cute feel would be supported by more rounded shapes (the spiky floor texture is not supporting the rest of your vfx I feel)

Using more poppy timing and using a lot more saturated and bright colors would improve the effect a ton I think.

The black backgroun, checkerboard floor and the overall dark lighting your carrot model has isn’t hitting the right tone.
(I know these aren’t exactly part of your VFX but context/environment is important and I think a midtone gray would be a lot more neutral)

But I love the randomness of the idea and your focal point, the carrot is amazing, I can imagine it being summoned by a cult of really cute bunnies ^^

Thanks, good ideas.

I’ll do rounds instead of spikes where aprropriate, the crack stays cracked though :smiley:
I’ll see what I can do with the timing and colors, the saturation is up there just the lightning is bad i guess.
And I’ll definietly change the enviroment.

…Just the polishing it needs before I post it as a final piece.

Edit: Maybe I’ll even try to add sound to it. But that’s doubtfull. :sweat_smile:

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