Jordanov: Sketch #14 WIP

Hi everyone,

It’s been a while since my last entry ! I hope I will take time to take the time to train with the other I missed.

So this is my first WIP for this month, I am planning to make a Stylized Elemental Slash.

Last Update :

WIP 2 :

WIP 1 :

A little bit rough, but I wanted to get the first step in order to start well. Nothing very impressive for now, but sure I will take this further !

Stay tuned, and GL to everyone :smiley:


Hi there !

Update of the day :

Begin to have the idea I wanted, look promising to me ! I guess I will do several slash in order to give life without animation :smiley:


Really liking where this is going :smiley: . Maybe some more velocity could be introduced. The lingering energy feels like it is not moving fast enough.

May I recommend getting OBS and compressing your video as mp4. The Gif banding is not doing anyone favors. :slight_smile:

@Madosho Yeah you may be right. I don’t know yet where goes the effect, so I keep trying things. I will defenitly pass on timing and color once all my elements will be there :slight_smile:

@William_Mauritzen Yeah, I guess it will very useful for the future, once my effect will have lot more elements. But I dont want to lose my pretty animated thumbnail :frowning:

Thanks for your feedback btw :smiley:

Hi there !

WIP of the day :

Another step added, and I guess I will add another one, like a big slash or something like that :smiley:

Then, I will tweak colors and timing !