Jordanov : Embergen Challenge

DISCLAIMER : This post isn’t political or don’t aim to. Sorry in advance if I hurt someone’s sensibility or subject, wasn’t my intention.

Latest WIP :

Thumbnail :

So let’s start with the idea and the moodboard :
I think I will dig into Vietnam’s War area, looking for a cool Napalm explosion looking. Started to dig into reference and footages :

Looking into film scenography, I love some shapes and explosions in Apocalypse Now :

And some kind of other footages :

So for the effect, I will have 3 main shape and simulation :

  • A first one with fumigene, like the scene in Apocalypse Now. A big smoke simulation to target the bombardement point
  • A second one with phosphore explosion, the one in white in the first vidéo. Like the shape it give, and add more contrast on the whole explosion
  • A third one with a couple of simultaneous deflagration, with the start of a burning forest to the end.

I hope I will do as much as idea I have for this, and don’t know yet if I aim a more realistic shape for a Napalm explosion, as we can see on the first footage, or more Holywoodian one, with big oil explosion and deflagration.
I will post soon a WIP, since I setup all my scene, the next thing to do now is : BIG SIMULATION in Embergen !

Good luck everyone :smiley:

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Hello there !
It’s been a while since I came here.

To be fairly honnest, I didn’t manage to give enough time to this Challenge Participation as much as I wanted, and the only moment where I could really work on it was this last week end…

So, I decided to post my current project for the deadline, but I clearly know it’s barely finish… But this motivate me to finish this effect, in order to be as much cool as it was in my head :smiley:

So here is my current WIP :

This is my first WIP, with my first simulations in Embergen, and my first blockout of my effect. (and you can clearly see I didn’t make time to create the blueprint and all the system, because we can see me using my mouse cursor to move the plane :sweat_smile: )

I know there is a lot of work to do again, but if you have any feedback anyway, I’ll be glad to here them !

Here is the different step I would do to improve this effect for the future :

  • Making some new simulations for the smoke grenade and for the explosion
  • Improve the timing of the explosion
  • Add phosphore explosion simumation before the landing bomb to break the monotony of the effect
  • Making the explosion more impactful
  • Making the environment react to the explosion

As I said, there is a lot to do, but I get a lot of fun experimenting with Embergen, and I’ll be glad to buy an indie license to finish this, to reach a level of quality so I can be proud of my effect :slight_smile:

Good luck for all challenger :smiley:

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Here’s a quick reminder that this Challenge closes this evening! Don’t forget to submit your final video to JangaFX using this Form if you’ve yet!

For the full rules and instructions, visit our original post here:

Yeah, I was aware of that, but I decided not to take part into the final judgment, since I consider my effect not done :slight_smile:

So good luck for those who make it in time :smiley:

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