Joey Bullock - Sketch#60: Earth Bender

Stone Fist:
My main effect will be an Earth Bender charging up a special attack, causing the surrounding rocks to form into the shape of a giant stone fist that will be used to attack the enemy. I’m thinking most likely a downward hammer-fist attack.
Aside from the charge up, I want this to have a few distinct beats, hit super hard on the final impact, and really convey the weight of a massive fist made of stone. This is somewhat of a variant of the Rock Glove technique used by the Dai Li.

Quick Sketch:
I am the farthest thing from an illustrator, but just to put something on the page…

I also want to try some “Slab Shackles” like Aang used against Ozai to keep the enemy still during the charge up phase.

Proof of Concept:
The first thing I started testing is a way to animate the formation of the fist from rock shapes. Here’s a viewport render of my current Houdini simulation.