JaredT - TGT WIP

Hi everyone,

I am very new to forums and to community driven networks.
I thought this competition would be a great time to stop just reading and to start participating.

So, here is just a couple initial concept sketches to get the juices flowing.

I figured, this is The GREAT Transmutator.
This effect to me is generating LOADS of energy in order to not only change the shape and form of an object,
but also to relocate it.
In the top row, I want to get the initial shape to start showing off signs of erratic energy as it expands, shrinks, morphs and starts generating the power to execute the transformation.

This part of the concept indicates the initial transferal of energy as well as substance.
With the final execution as it explodes forward for the creation and transmutation into the final shape and place.

Now i need to create the assets and will begin to get the shapes and materials right as well as sort out timing.

Keen to know your thoughts and look forward to completing this effect!


I really like the breakdown, looking cool man. It seems you have some spots for contrasting timing that’s soft and smooth as well as fast and jagged, which is awesome… very appealing! Lots of potential!

Also, Welcome to the forums :grin:, glad you decided to finally jump in!

Thank you very much!

I started by looking at the pieces of the effect in the first page of the concepts.
Looking at scale, spacing and timing. I will look at color at a later stage.

I can tell i might need to make the initial charge up shorter before the first bolt of energy strikes out.
These will also be replaced with more detailed pieces as i have some placeholders in for the time being.

My next step is to still tweak timing for the beginning effects and then add much more volume and substance to
the energetic strikes. I also want to try communicate that transferring the volume from Object A to Location B has an effect on Object A by reducing it’s own size or “charge” before it does its final transferal.

Hopefully have more to show soon!


So my PSU died :frowning: waited to get a new one. Have that and should be back on track…i hope.
I saw a great way by Yoeri Luos (great VFX artist/creator) to check spacing for general placement as well as using curves to get the shape for each blast. They aren’t as jagged as the concepts, but they might just work with the timing.

Will give the 2 I have a shot and see.

Apologies for the bad video quality.

So here is an update, interestingly, I was having problems with getting these individual rays to emit as they do consistently. On a second or third play through, half or none were activating. I then changed the spawn type to burst and that seems to have fixed it.

Still adding to the effect. Next will be to sort out impact areas as well as look at toning the intensity in places as well as color.

Hey Jared,

Try and get some more interesting shapes in there, don’t push the bloom too much (as it looks very soft and splodgy atm).

Maybe check some reference for electric and direct your work from that?

Hey Doggett,

Thank you for the advice.Appreciate it! Will try get that in before the deadline.
I will also bring down the intensity of the bloom when I change up the color values too.

Thanks again.

Another Update to the effect.

Hey there,

This will be my last pas at this for the competition. I still have a few things i would like to add and alter and i will keep working on this in the future. Was really fun being able to do this and the lessons learnt.

Thank you very much!


Looks fun! :smiley:

I think it might present a bit better if you present it against a dark grey background instead of a completely black one.

Good luck with the contest :smiley:

Thank you Wyvery! :slight_smile: