JangaFX: Inferno Anomaly With Fireball Projectiles

A project that has spanned a number of weekends.

I’ll be creating a tutorial series on creating this anomaly and the projectiles that go with it soon.

Most of the timing is controlled within multiple blueprints that reference each other. All textures are hand painted as well.

Only thing I’m a bit dissatisfied with is the launch of each projectile, but that’s alright.


looks cool! cool stuff to learn, looking forward to it!

Before I begin I want to thank you for your efforts. Your stuff is pretty much modern “Imbue FX” teir, as far as I can tell. You’ve done so much for this community, both with tools and tutorial know how. Your previous tutorials involving “3d” blood effect and forced volumetrics have been huge huge deals. I’ve noticed in myself by far some of the largest leaps in understanding as I watch you make, so thank you thank you thank you.

In particular I want to call out your teaching of texture creation for realistic styled effects. I’ve found there is a rather large drought of content involving texture creation for “realistic” styled VFX. Stylized? Gosh darn’d gold mine with Riot Devs cornering the market! Realistic? Eh. So… thank you. More of this please!! :smiley:

“All textures are hand painted as well.”


You mention that this next tutorial series involves blueprints. I presently have a little know-how of blueprints, though it is on the “to learn more of” list. How much initial blueprint knowledge do you suspect would be required to follow along, Would there be any Prerequisites?

One MORE thing. Will any of the tools you’ve made, both released and those currently publicly pending to be fully released, ever have an option for a stand alone license? Figured I’d ask. :slight_smile:

And I’ll end this with thank you again. Thank you again. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Mez,

I’m thrilled to know that you’re happy with what we’re putting out there into the wild. We’ve got plenty of cool tools in the works, and tutorials being planned.

All tutorials will be explained in a way that even if you are a true beginner, you can understand it. There’s nothing I’ll be doing that’s very difficult and un-followable. And as always, if there are questions about something I did, I’ll reply as soon as I can to help you solve the issue. I’m working to teach concepts and skills to both professional and beginner FX Artists.

And as for standalone licenses, I presume you mean perpetual. The answer is yes, we will have perpetual licenses soon! We used to have perpetual licenses for VectorayGen but removed them in favor of the subscription model the industry is leaning towards. And to be transparent we did this in hopes that It would help us pay our programmers salaries a bit easier. Turns out our sales have declined quite a bit. :joy:

So perpetual will be making a comeback as soon as our new website is launched. (2-3 weeks)

We’ll probably have a pricing structure of
$14.99/m (lower than our current price)
$99.99/yr (lower than our current price)
$249 perpetual with 1 year of updates.

These are indie prices. If you have any feedback on this adjusted pricing structure, I’m all ears.

Thank you again for your kind comments, its very motivating for my team and I to continue making great software and tutorials.