JangaFX blood tutorial

Sorry to be a bother again it seems to be all I do ask for help hahaha!

i’ve been following the blood tutorial here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J3pVQrElBcE&t=1868s from JangaFX - but his blood in his material shows up white and mine black, this means when its plugged into a particle it isn’t showing up at all, have i done something wrong?

Connect the Output from the Add which is going into the “Base Color Input” also into the “Emissive Color Input”?!

awesome thank you it worked! although it still doesn’t appear on my particle weirdly and the shaders have compiled… i’ve tried both two sided turned on and off

What is the Value of the Erosion Parameter in your Dynamic Parameter Node?

The video set it to 0 so mine is 0 too!

And do you have a Dynamic Parameter Stack in your Particle System?

Not yet, it’s just a basic set up of a particle, the tutorial didn’t mention anything to do with this, all he did was change the material

Ok. I just tried to rebuild it and in my case I had to create a Dynamic Parameter Stack in your Particle System (right click in the Emitter and Parameter > Dynamic), refresh it and set the Erosion Value from the Material to 0 (or animate it over time from 0 to 1 to make it erode).

Edit: He is doing it in the tutorial around min 37.

Perfect I will give this ago in 1 hour when I can get back on it! I stopped my tutorial at 36mins because I couldn’t replicate my material actually being visible so thought I had done something wrong, thank you for taking the time to help me so far!! really appreciated!

You are welcome. Let me know if it works. And pretty nice texture btw :ok_hand:

thankyou, my first time using a drawing tablet! got it to work on vfx stuff seen as i’m delving into it more and really enjoyed making it! :smiley: will let you know my outcome as soon as I can :smiley:

I did it! thank you for your help, it seems that the dynamic thing was the big issue for me, I should have waited a little longer and I would have found that out, my bad!! very happy with this now! again thank you so much for taking the time to help! honestly appreiacte it!



Looks fantastic! Glad to see some results from someone who found the tutorial helpful. More to come!


I found that tutorial too! And it help me a lot, so thank you :grinning:
Nice results Cundall77


Honestly so useful learning the texture, i never thought id be able to get a texture like that to look so good!! Following the process in photoshop helped me so much!

Thankyou!! I look forward to more^^

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