JAMINET Jordan: Sketch #8 WIP

Hey everbody, how is it going ?

This is my entry for the challenge : I chose an effect from the game Ocarina of Time !

This is the first effect I want to create :

If this effect is going well, i’ll try to make more of them, in order to have a complete panel of effect link to Link ( :sweat_smile: )

Good luck everyone :smiley:


Hi Everyone !

It’s been a long time since I post here, due to a lot of thing to manage !

But I take a little time for the challenge !

The longest thing I had to manage was the animation, because I wanted to have something very close than a in game effect.

And the animation is still not finish, I really have to improve my skills on this ! :smiley:

For the things I have to add :

_ The effect around the Sword
_ One more turn around on the animation
_ And basicelly other stuff in order to detach myself from the reference

As always, critics are welcomed ! :smiley:

Stay tuned for the next !

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