Jamal Coleman: Sketch #6 WIP

Hi Everyone.

This is my first time trying out one of the monthly sketches. I’ve always wanted to try it out, but haven’t found the time until now.

I was watching some VFX talks about the work done on Rime (here), and got inspired to take a more graphic approach to the starfleet engine challenge. Also the work from my buddy, Sam Perzanowski, is serving as a big inspiration.

I’m using the same technique on a project at work, and figured I could practice it here as well.
This is very rough, but please let me know what you think!


I was working on the shape a bit more last night, and adding some smoke. I’m not too happy with it yet, I think I need to find some inspiration for the core.


Currently it feels like a cute small scale engine (and I guess the task is after something more colossal), try adding more detail (up the frequency + maybe slow down the anim), stretching out the trail around 3 times the length, and go for some near opaque cartoony puffs of smoke to match the style.

Pulse the intensity of the dome at the root - it looks cool too so this will bring more attention to it.
I quite liked the 4 layer approach you had initially, perhaps bring some of this back for a bigger more OTT version).

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Thanks for the feedback, great points. Agreed about the scale. Maybe I’ve been playing too much kerbal space program, haha. I may have been getting too caught up in the scale of the white shape. Thanks!

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