Jagged soulercoasters

Is there a way to make soulers that are less wavy/jagged without added a ton of polys?

couldn’t find much info about his topic hopefully it’s not been answered already!

Typically you would add control loops along the shape

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I tried something like that and it does make it smoother, i guess there’s no way around increassing poly count eh

From this post in the the unity forum, good explanation from bgolus:

What you’re looking for is quadrilateral interpolation of the texture UVs. The problem is GPUs use triangle interpolation.
It’s possible with some work to correct the triangle interpolation back to quad interpolation, but it requires manually encoding data into the mesh vertices based on the original quads, it can’t be done with a shader alone. And there aren’t any existing tools to help with this.
The easier solution is to add more tesselation to your mesh, minimizing the amount of distortion that can happen by making the triangles smaller.

So keeping the triangles smaller (rather, less deformed) by adding horizontal loops along the trail is the only solution I know (for dynamic stuff like trails, where you can’t bake the UVs in a way that fixes this) :disappointed_relieved:

Sometimes, simply flipping the Triangle sorts it out for me. But other then that, I am backing up everyone elses comment :+1:

Thanks for all the answers! super appreciated :pray: