I've been building VFX shaders for over a year, here's what I learned


Just made an article about my journey creating VFX shaders for over a year now (wooo time goes by so fast!) There might be some interesting insights in it for you guys, and please tell me what’cha think!

I go over the 3 structures that I had to create VFX shaders, with neat graphics and stuff.


There ya go!


Nice article!
I totes share the sentiment :slight_smile:

(also, yay your first post!, Welcome!)

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Thanks, that is a very interesting read! I’m not yet at the point of attempting to build a large shader system so it is great information and perspective to have early! :grinning:

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Thanks for your blog post, I have a similar approach in unity with ASE, even if it doesn’t have the power of material functions…
Cheers from Montreal!

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