Issue with Dynamic Parameter

I’ve created a scrolling lightning particle, and I’d like to control the speed of the scroll via a dynamic material parameter.
I can’t seem to understand why when I change this dynamic Parameter to a Float from Curve, it behaves oddly when the initial value isn’t 1.

Does anyone have an idea why this may be happening? I’ll try to provide any relevant information.

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Basically this:

You are having panner node and curve at the same time. What you should do is to have one of those solutions at once (or otherwise they stack up)

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You are already scrolling the UV by “Time” node multiplied by your DMP0.x in your material. In most cases you should not animate the multiplier. I guess what you really want is to scroll it manually in Niagara DMP module. In that case, in your material you should add your DMP0.x directly to TexCoord, ignoring the Time node.

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Oh, of course! I feel very silly now.

Thanks for your explanation, that makes absolute sense!

Np! And no need to feel silly, I had the same problem couple months ago xd

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