Issue of rotating mesh with Vertex Animation


I am making effect with the old particle system. I made a VAT from Max and create a vertex animation material, it seems fine if just drop the material and mesh in the scene but if I rotate or change the position inside the particle system, it will break the mesh. I tried seaching on internet but doesn’t find any answer, can anybody help me fixing this?

The mesh is broken when I rotate it:

odd because that should work from the get-go.
can you show the material?

(generally its some sort of transform vector local space > world space/normalize issue)
but if you use the build-in material function, set the material up right, and its textures… stuff should be fine.

I did try Transform to world space but it doesn’t fix the problem.

all looks fine.
hmm, if all else fails, zip it up and pass it onto me:
discord: Luos - Yoeri Vleer#1474

It is presumed to be a chronic bug of version 4.25 of ue4.
This issue was fixed in 4.26~

Sorry for the late reply, but I decided to use niagara instead of the old particle system, turns out the problem is not happening in Niagara. Thanks for your reply

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Yeah, I change to use Niagara and the problem is no longer exist :joy: bugs everywhere