Is there any VFX bootcamp available these days?

Hi, I am new in here and also in VFX area. I lost my 3D Artist job lately and I wanna learn real time VFX to move on my career. I was wondering if there is any VFX bootcamp (onsite or online) around. Can you help me find if you know any? I know there are a lot of tutorials out there but I want to check out bootcamp or educational camps about this. Thanks a lot :heart_eyes:

Probably best I know is: FX Courses | VFX Apprentice
Though they also have free courses on their youtube so you can check them out first!

Also Tharle has amazing courses, so you can try them out if you want:

Good luck with everything!

Thanks I will check them. I was looking more of a course kind of things. So I will be moving forward in the observation of mentors. I think VFX Apprentice one is what I want. Thanks again.

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