Ipad2 and ipad mini issue

Hi all

I have tested my game (ios) with different iOS devices:iPhone 4s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6plus, iPad3, iPad Air and iPad pro. Game working well with good fps about 50-60. But on iPad mini wifi (same hardware like on the iPhone 4s) i have only 15-20 fps. What can be problem?

Ha ha, I am optimizing our game this week and iPad mini is the worst, unfortunately. Get ready to optimize everything manually.

Hook it up to XCode and start profiling on device.

Repeat after me!
Profile - Optimize - Test
Profile - Optimize - Test

A short list of what I’ve done:

  • make almost all shaders one pass
  • tweak all shader parameters
  • manually optimized shaders including unrolling loops, reducing floats to half or fixed, etc.
  • converted some particles to sprites
  • wrote custom sprite shaders to improve dynamic batching
  • reduced particle counts for many emitters
  • made custom shadow casting objects
  • made the custom shadow casting objects use a special shadow casting only shader
  • tweaked so many little things I can’t type them all

We’re in good shape and I’ve managed to do it all without sacrificing the overall visual quality. But yeah, iPad mini…

Thank you for the answer. I solved my problem. On ipad mini wifi have no retina screen resolution. In app.icf for old devices (without retina) must be IOSDispScaleFactor = 100.