Interference patterns for motion

I was playing around with scrolling patterns and find a ton of mileage out of simple lines & circles from the secondary motion

now my question; does anyone know of a resource with major nerd observations using patterns so that instead of trial and error there is a library of studied tricks? I’m imagining some long-lost M.C Escher/maths book that describes two patterns creating a complex motion

[edit] [edit] with more patterns again!


There are a ton of old books with moire patterns. They were super popular on old science fiction TV shows to add set details as it was super cheap to just have a transparent sheet with these printed on them and a simple motor rotating or panning them. That also means lots of people have collected these now way out of print books and put them up online.

An uncle of mine runs a site that collects a lot of this data, specifically for Star Trek props. It also means I’ve gotten to hold some of the original props. :grinning:


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moire patterns
[/quote]omg so many good patterns on youtube etc too
Thanks bgolus!


having fun but these patterns are a bitch to mentally visualize

some moire patterns are tough, from playing around it seems simple repeating patterns create secondary motion cause the interference isn’t union/combine it’s intersection

which means the patterns are predictable but I trip over my mental shoelaces and need to just visualize in engine

then I started using things like this for a laser

I love how some offset can create a spinning pattern

simple stuff for the bits floating around scrolling

This is awesome! =)
I was trying to make these by myself but no luck so far: 99% of trash and only 1% - something good, like this one:

Torbach, have you found a good… (don’t know how to say it right in English) “pipeline” for creating such effects? For me it’s a very time wasting and unpredictable process =(


sweet look – might I suggest you hide the poles with some vertex alpha

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[/quote] it’s all trial and error I found no way to speed up the process which is why I made a contact sheet of dozens of shapes as a jump off point and posted here hoping someone had an idea

Well…I’ve started with a simple texture mix. But after a while my shader became big and fat =)

*shaders for these effects a little bit different if I remember correctly.

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