Industry Contacts

Starting a thread for sharing industry contacts. I’m currently looking for email introductions at these companies: Eidos Montreal, Square Enix Holdings, Hello Games, Deep Silver, or XPEC. If you are in touch with anyone who works at any of these companies… please message me. I’d love to get email introductions to people at these studios.

Looking for a contact at Ninja Theory. Anyone know people that work there?

Hello Games

I highly doubt anybody has contact with them atm.
If I see another “where is” video pop up on YT im gonna take a vacation.

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Looking for contact at Deep Silver / Dambuster Studios that may have worked on Homefront: The Revolution.

Hola DJ!

Hey, you know any FX vending studios of the same caliber as FXville out there that you’d recommend? They’re booked up solid for months and we might have a need for some short term help.


Keith Guerrette and Andreas Glad now both have outsource studios, and are some of the top guys in the world. Sorry for the late reply. Let me know if you need their contact info (but they are both on this site).

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