I'll work with Godot but I don't know anything about VFX

Hello I want to ask all of you what should I do about this…
I am interested in making my own game so I started de journey…

I am learning Godot 4 and I am interested in learn some about VFX but I don’t know where to start I saw some of the topics here but I don’t know if I can use Unity or Unreal and export this in any way to use it in Godot… if I am using Godot I hear that is a little limited… then I should animate this in 3D with Blender or any software for 2D animation? Or should I use other kind of softwares…

By now I am learning 2D but the next course is about 3D then I’ll decide what type of game I’ll do but I want to explore a little about VFX.

Where should I start?

Many techniques used in Unity/UE transition well into Godot.

I’ve found this video to be a good start: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9ilhL8JFes
Even though it explains things in code, you can easily translate them into a visual shader, and in the process actually learn what they do.

This youtube channel is the best Godot VFX resource I’ve found so far.

That said, Godot particle system definitely needs more work. You can create some amazing effects with the current set of features but certain features are made impossible by design. One example is when creating a firework-type effect and you need to spawn flash+shockwave+sparks+trail at the same time, you can’t do it because there is only one sub-emitter per particle system. If anyone knows a workaround, please do let me know.

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Amazing! Thank you so much for the answer I’ll check the channel!

We have a dedicated community on discord for Godot VFX! Godot Effects and Shaders

There you’ll be able to ask Godot-specific questions ^^