If you would recreate this effect in UNREAL, what would you do?

If you would recreate SS Deadly bomber, what would you do? Use mesh type? How many (one for the big ball, other for the rays coming out, etc.)? Or no? Full textures? Imagine yourself recreating this and tell me what would you do.

I don’t know how to upload an animated image. Actually i do, create a gif and post, but the gif site is braking, wont to load the page to press “create gif” button. So i will post just the URL of the picture, wich is a shame because i wanted to show the animation of the effect. But you can search in internet SS. Deadly Bomber.

I would start by trying on my own and when I got stuck I would post my wip and ask specific questions while providing adequate information without asking people to google for it.


@Partikel, case in point to the previous post I literally just replied to in the Niagra thread.