If anyone might be interested in an open source music vr app

I am in the process of starting to create an open source project which I plan to offer the build free to the public. Nothing like this exists quite yet. The idea is different control objects to control in vr and send messages back to a digital audio workstation like Logic or Ableton or any daw capable of being controlled by midi. There will be a transport panel(stop, rewind, play, ff). Also a mixer with movable faders that is displaying a volume meter on a per track basis. Also i would like to include a playable keyboard to control any software instruments that are loaded in the daw. This will consist of a vr app, an audio plugin and a desktop agent. Im programming all the components and have already invested a good deal of time and money on the idea. If you can contribute with your skills it would be very welcome and any work done will always get full credit. Im not an artist and i am very unskilled in the world of creating these items. If i have to dive in and learn how to create my own assets i gladly will to get this project going.