Idea for upcoming challenges

The challenges here have been a high point in showcasing some incredible work. It would be great in the future if some challenges were geared toward specific workflows instead of subject matter. That has happened with the Embergen and a few other challenges, but it would be nice to see everyone’s different approaches to a similar technical solution.

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Do you mean like using only sprites, or only meshes with a max polycount cap, only a single texture, etc?

Yes, possibly. Something like a challenge that uses a flow map, or a dissolve shader, or other specific technique. It would be nice to see how people use things differently in their own workflows and how different the result could be.

Ah I gotcha. I think we may have something like that set up for a future challenge, but I’ll definitely bring it up as well :+1:

We’ve done tests with this kinda sketch in the past, It’s kinda difficult to set this up for a lot of people as we have to try and set clear boundaries for the challenge to work, but not too clear otherwise you’re essentially just doing a job :smiley:

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