I wrote a Real-time VFX editor

A while back i wrote a VFX editor that some of you may find interesting:

I would love to add a lot more features but i have limited use for it, so its not a huge priority right now. Still, its a lot of fun to play with!


wow, that looks super interesting! i love radial menus and hotboxes :smiley: <3

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There’s some really great UI in there! WOW.

I don’t think i dig all the stuff flying in and out though. I just want my UI to be efficient. A very minimal fade in with slight scaling would be sufficient. Drastic motion is like using ALL CAPS. You’re trying to draw attention. So any time the entire screen explodes like that, it’s like you’re shouting at me IN ALL CAPS LOOK AT ALL THESE ICONS THEY ARE DOING STUFF YOU SHOULD LOOK AT! :slight_smile:

But man, single click-drag color selection is well done. I’m tired of having to say “OKAY!”

Seriously beautiful work. I could totally work in that system all day without getting bored.