I once again ask for your invaluable feedback

Hello, I have been trying to make my first portfolio I have made huge progress thanks to it on a personal level and had a ton of fun making effects and challenging myself with different aspects, and at this point, I kind of need some feedback to push it even further

thank you so much in advance

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I think you should reduce the length of the video by cutting out all time in between the FXs.
I would also pick two best in your opinion(or you could ask others for their opinion which is cooler) and put them at start and at the end. Whoever clicks should be enticed to watch more by seeing something cool and left with something cool.

Yeah I’m aware you asked about FX and not portfolio but I though It might help you.

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Thank you so much for such solid advice and for taking the time to give me feedback. I would work on trimming as much fat as possible and ask around about which are the two coolest effects. If you don’t mind me asking which 2 effects think are the coolest?

Here is the second draft of the portfolio base on the first wave of feedback

I think this should be the last edit since oh well I have an effect in mind that I really want to try and execute. Hopefully, this should be the last Update. I really want to thank @Niels and @Karha for their invaluable feedback I really can’t thank you, guys, enough (and I am running out of ways to say thank you. you are really the best) and the community as a whole for being such a wonderful and wholesome place to be full of people who are always ready to help :sneezing_face: