I need guidance on the way of vfx

Hey there!

I’m looking for some guidance and advice on my journey into the world of VFX. I have a question: Is it crucial to be really good at drawing? I’d also appreciate any tips that can set me on the right path.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Not really. I suck at drawing and working as a VFX Artist anyway :smiley:
Spend most time in the engine (Unity or Unreal) and it’s particle systems. They are your main tool you will spend 90% of your time within.

You can try replicating some of the tutorial effects that are on yt for a practice.

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Hello, I’m also studying VFX. I think being good at drawing will only be necessary but very useful if you are pursuing a more stylized VFX art style. You will probably have to make animated hand-drawn textures in Photoshop at some point for that art style.

If you are pursuing a more realistic VFX art style then it is possible you may never even have to draw! You can basically get away with just using substance designer or taking images on the internet and mixing them together for most of your general texture creation. Also, you can use Houdini or Embergen and Liquidgen to create your animated pyro, liquid, and electricity textures.


Thank you for advising me and giving me your opinion. I am truly grateful to have found this community, and I hope that one day we can work together side by side.


you might have already seen this post by now but following it from top to bottom really helps getting a grip of both what you need and where you can find some good resources!


tysm!! I appreciate all the help