How to trigger a dissipation (End of system effect) using Niagara?

Hey Guys!

I’m trying to configure a FX system that is looping until a trigger happens. When this trigger happens, the system will slowly fade and generate a small burst of particle before getting destroyed.

You can check an example here of what I currently have:
Making the marker disapear is breaking the flow, it doesn’t feel like we’ve reached this point.

I found this tutorial for doing something similar:

I was wondering if there was some way to “script” or “trigger” a bit of behavior in a Niagara System.

You could “trigger” things in Niagara by setting parameters, like a simple boolean.
For your particular effect, let the remaining floating particles leave their lives. You could switch your arrow for another one that fades/erodes away. Same thing for your ground glow

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This tutorial you referenced, can do exactly what you need.

I use a very similar custom node I made, and I always just swap the Boolean out for something.

An example : particle lifetime. I’ve used the same logic for when a particles lifetime has reached 3/4 (almost the end) it creates a custom time index, which can be customized, just like in this tutorial. Then this time index can just be plugged into any curves index, instead of the default “Particle age”.

In your case, you can make the scratch pad in the video, and have your blueprint set the Niagara system to be auto delete on deactivate. You use your time index for a curve to go from 1 > 0 in alpha or erosion etc… When the particle fades, then right after, the Niagara system should delete itself, and you can just spawn a new one in the new location.

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