How to set vector from spawned particles current mesh


I want to set a vector to send as a location event to a receiver as position.
In the sender emitter I want to sample the current mesh from the current particles mesh in the array and send the random tri coord as the position.

I found this video from Glad but I’m unsure how to sample from an array
Sample mesh particle location. - YouTube

There is no variable of type Mesh Array. So you will need to hack it in / do it by hand. There is also no way of getting it from the MeshRenderer, at least not in UE 5.0.3 (maybe at a later date?).

If you have your Mesh Array setup in the renderer and you have an int that selects one of the meshes fromt he array. You will need to re-create this array manually and then select the correct mesh via the same int. So basically just create variables of type ‘Mesh’, matching the amount of meshes setup in the renderer. And then select the one via your int. Then get the tri data and push it into the event playload.
Something like this. You probably need to send Tri & BaryCoord separately though: