How to remove overlap on different channels?

I’m working on an effect based on this concept art and have gotten the material mostly set up, but there’s some polishing that I’m having trouble with.


Wherever the pink center face and the blue outline meet, they overlap and create this white color, as seen on the right, which I want to get rid of. Only the pink face should be visible on those spots. How should I handle that?

Additionally, after I added the depth offset to the blue outline, I started getting this black fill in the blank space between the center face and the outline. How can I get rid of that as well?

This is another view of the white overlap on its own, without adding the offset:

Lerp between blue and pink based on the pink texture instead of just adding the results together.

I tried that but nothing changed unfortunately. Cleaned up the material a little bit as well.

Connect Alpha_B to alpha of lerp, and the pink straight into a